25 Oct 2022
10:00 - 19:00
MSU, Moscow, Russia

The Sixth International Conference of Journals consortium at MSU Faculty of Economics

The Sixth International Scientific Conference of Journals consortium at MSU Faculty of Economics


Dear colleagues,


Editorial Boards of Journals at MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) Faculty of Economics:

The Moscow University Economics Bulletin

Scientific researches of faculty of economics. Electronic journal

Population and Economics

BRICS Journal of Economics   


invite you to participate in the Sixth International Conference of Journals consortium at MSU Faculty of Economics. The conference will take place at MSU Faculty of Economics 25 October 2022 from 10:00 to 19:00.


To be eligible to present a report participants are required to register and submit an abstract / paper by 19 September 2022 (23:59, Moscow time).


The aim of the conference is to analyze current problems, which need to be discussed in the scientific journals of MSU Faculty of Economics, and to highlight most important and promising research findings.


Conference Structure


Section A “The development of the economic sciences: theoretical, historical, and methodological aspects”

(Head of the section Prof. Leonid A. Tutov)

A.1. Methodology of economic science and formation of a modern paradigm of economic knowledge

A.2. Human and economics

A.3. History of economic thought: new goals

A.4. Theoretical research in economic sphere: new challenges and opportunities


Section B “Challenges to competition and industrial policy in the context of value chains fragmentation”

(Head of the section Prof. Andrei E. Shastitko)

B.1. Modern features of industrial development and challenges to industrial policy in the context of non-cyclical shocks

B.2. Competition policy transformation: grounds, directions, expected effects

B.3. Digital economy: ways to sustain and regenerate value chains

B.4. Panel discussion: “Adaptation of companies to severe sanctions against Russia”


Section С “Sustainable development: social, labor market, demographic and ecological challenges”

(Head of the section Prof. Irina E. Kalabikhina)

C.1. Demographic development in the 2020s

C.2. Global shifts in labor sphere

C.3. Sustainable development in the new realities


Section D “Macroeconomic modelling”

(Head of the section Dr. of Science Philipp S. Kartaev)

D.1. Monetary policy amid sanctions

D.2. Fiscal policy amid sanctions


Section E “The BRICS economies in the context of deglobalization”

(Head of the section Prof. Marina Y. Sheresheva)

E.1. The BRICS countries in international economic relations

E.2. The BRICS economies: new challenges and opportunities

Е.3. International youth session “Prospects for the economic development of the BRICS countries” (online format)


Working languages of the conference: Russian and English.


The form of participation is a verbal presentation. Each participant is allowed to present only one report.


Submission Requirements


To participate in the Sixth Annual Conference of Journals consortium at MSU Faculty of Economics register on the website https://conf.msu.ru/rus/event/7572/.


The program of the conference will include only selected applications. Abstracts or reports will not be published. Registered authors and coauthors without abstracts or reports will get a listener status automatically.


Participants can submit a detailed abstract (5 000 - 7 000 characters with spaces) or a completed paper (up to 40 000 characters with spaces). All submissions will undergo a double-blind review.


Recommendations for abstracts:

-          Relevance and the purpose of the paper;

-          Literature review, main sources;

-          Methodology;

-          Main findings or planned outcomes.


Special form to apply your abstracts will be available on the page "My applications" after you submit your application to participate.


Important Dates


19 September 2022 (23:59, Moscow time) – deadline for submissions and abstracts (papers). Submissions sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

10 October 2022 – all submissions will be reviewed and the participants will be informed about the results.


The participants whose submissions are declined can take part in the discussion of the issues.

After the conference some selected papers will be recommended for publication in such journals as The Moscow University Economics Bulletin, Scientific researches of faculty of economics. Electronic journal, Population and EconomicsBRICS Journal of Economics.


One of the positive reviews of a recommended article is regarded as one of the standard double-blind peer reviews.


Presentation is a necessary condition for publishing an article. Articles are accepted only from participants whose papers are approved and included in the program of the conference.

Participation is free of charge.


The organizing committee does not cover costs for transfer, residence and food. The organizing committee does not provide participants who do not live in Moscow with accommodation.


In case of bad epidemiological situation in Moscow the conference will be online. 



Lomonosov Moscow State University, Экономический факультет


8-495-939-22-96 (Scientific Department)